Ultralife blue green slime remover


Hey guys I am new here. I am currently dealing with some green slime algae problem at the moment. Before I dose the medication in the tank I want to know is this product safe for my loaches. I have some zebra and dwarf chain loaches.


I've heard good things about this treatment so I think I'd be prepared to go ahead, cautiously.

Of course, you need to get to the bottom of what is causing the green slime problem in the first place and fix that.

To me it suggests an excess of nutrients.

You want your plants growing vigorously and soaking up the nutrients and your vacuuming at water change to remove excessive detritus if this is necessary.

It not the ideal situation to have to add the treatment, but I'd suggest doing it at a time you can watch your fish and pick up on any problems through the whole daytime period. If necessary you could then remove the product with water changes but from what I have read you should be OK.

Lets see if anyone has treated with these fish present, or if any info is available online.


Hey Cookiseloaches,
The Ultralife blue slime remover is for only one kind of algae. It will not help most green slime algae.

It is just for “ blue green algae ” also called Cyanobacteria . It’s a very different algae.
If you can post a snapshot we can try to identify what algae you have.

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