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I am currently without my car and I would like some more fish and I have gone off my local fish shop as many of the fish I've bought previously were in poor health. I thought I might try buying fish online ( I've never done this before ) . I have looked at the sites of a number of online fish sellers that cover the UK and found that tropco has the cheapest shipping. As I only want a few cheap fish shipping costs will make up the bulk of the order so I thought I will give them a go. Has anyone used tropco before? Any good or bad experiences with them. Could anyone recommend buying online? Any thoughts about mail order fish?


pagoda, I believe advised me against them, I can't remember the reason. I've only tried All Pond Solution, I've used them a couple of time and the fish have arrived in good health. Their stock is usually low tho which is annoying.

Edit: Apparently the fish arrived under sized and died in transit or days later.
I've been looking at Aquatics to your door, obviously I can't vouch for them but their stocking always seems interesting.
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Thanks for the reply.


I’ve used Tropco twice (both times for Mosquito Rasboras) and not had any problems. First lot of fish are doing well 4 months in. I’d use them again.

With regards to buying online, I wouldn’t recommend it if the weather is particularly cold. I bought 20 Green Neon Tetras ~January (not from Tropco) and they all looked dead when they arrived. They weren’t, they were just super cold. Even though they’re now fine, I’d feel bad if I was responsible for putting fish through that stress again. Other than that, I’ve had no issues with buying fish online.

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