Uh Oh. Return Of Ich Perhaps...?

75g Discus Tank

Try turning off all lights and shine a LED flashlight in the fish. If it’s ich, you should see it easily.

Just remember to do daily gravel vacs with every treatment!


Normally you keep treating ich for two weeks after the last time you saw it.
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Yeah it sure looks like grains of salt alright...darn, this pet store which I got him from is usually legit too...kinda of a drag... : (

Yeah the Pleco didn't have any visible ich symptoms when I got him almost a week ago, and was accilmated well. Perhaps, he was still a bit stressed, and that maybe caused it. ALL fish are eating fine, and NO visible ich symptoms on any other fish...yet...


I had ich pop up once after a year of not having adding anything at all to my tank. The heater had failed and it stressed them out and two weeks later like clockwork *poof* ich. I got on board the "it's everywhere" train after that, because I had no other explanation! Shipping takes a lot out of them, and once it takes hold in one it seems to spread so easily. I would not blame a good LFS alone for ich.

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