ugly black clicking thing in sump

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Have been hearing a loud clicking noise recently have just seen a big ugly black slug looking thing in my sump which moves like grease lightening I am terrified to put my hands in there it looks like a black slug with horn things sticking out of its head and is about 2 inches long does anyone know what it could be and will it bite!
I did have some cheeto in the sump which has gradually dissappeared to nothing despite me changing the lights in the sump several times could this thing be the culprit and ate it all I would take a photo but it just moves very fast will keep trying and info would be gratefully received
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Is it even vaguely fish-shaped? There's a group of fish called rockfish or stone fish that barely look like fish that make clicking sounds that can be heard for a pretty good distance.

However, it sounds like this thing is constantly moving, which would suggest it's not one of these (they're ambush predators, and like to bury themselves in the sand).

I would not touch it without gloves (I wouldn't touch anything in a marine aquarium without gloves). Without knowing what it is, you don't want to risk it being toxic.

Apparently, clicking in a marine aquarium usually means a mantis shrimp. These things are amazing hunters. I can't find any pictures of a black mantis shrimp, but I can see how, looking down on one, it would look like a slug with a horn.
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Google mantis shrimp or pistol shrimp. Both make loud clicking noises.
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have googled the thing in my sump looks like a mantis shrimp only it is all black and moves very fast please tell me these things can't live out of water and what is the best way of getting rid of it I don't have a lot in my sump only a hob reactor, skimmer, pump and bag of charcoal the skimmer is quite big and means me having to put my hands in there to get it out for cleaning!which can be difficult at the best of times due to the height of the sump
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Can't help with how to get rid of them but those things are mean!
Watch the vid on you tube. Eeeek!
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First of all, ky1, please use punctuation. It took me forever to sort out your last post.

Good way to catch it is to take a plastic bottle with an opening large enough for it to get into. Cut the top off the bottle and silicone it in upside down (so the top is now on the inside of the bottle, making a funnel that goes into the thing). Put a piece of shrimp or some other tasty morsel in the bottle, and put the bottle into the sump. When it crawls in there, it won't be able to get out.
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re get rid of black ugly thing

thank you for the info
much appreciated,will have a go.
Stang Man
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Pistol shrimp!! Black and fast is what it is!!
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if its a pistol shrimp its no biggie, if its a mantis I'd want it out for sure. I need to set up a refugium for my pistol to keep him outta my DT
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If it’s a mantis, watch out for it. It can make you bleed, very quickly.
I have had a few and they have been very difficult to catch.
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I have seen a black mantis shrimp before. they are not the typical peacock mantis that every one thinks of however I have seen them. My LFS had one in a tank that they had caught that hitchiked in some of their live rock. There are two different types one that spears and one that smashes. Either way they can be a nuisance for your tank. If it is a smashing one which it sounds like it is, and you have a glass tank and not an acrylic tank they can actually shatter the tank once they get big enough. Also they can and will kill your fish etc because they are predators. If you know what rock he is going in it can be a lot easier to get him out. You can either set up the bottle trap that was posted above right in front of his rock or I have heard of people actually taking the rock out and either fresh water dipping it or boiling it which either way should produce him. Of course boiling it will probably kill other beneficial things in it so you want to be sure that it is the right rock but as long as you have additional live rock I am sure it will become good again after placing it back into your tank. Like I said I have seen a black one before and they are something that you want to get rid of. However if you do trap him in the bottle or do a freshwater dip to get him out some people like to own the little buggers. Not sure why but they do. You can youtube them to see what kind of damage the can really do. Like stated above do not try to catch them with your hand and be careful taking the rock out if that is the route you choose to go.

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