UGH! Nitrite level

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    I have a 55gl that has been up and running for 6months and i have tons guppies/mollys ONE rubber nose pleco 4 kory cats(ik it suppose to be more) and one i was saying it has been running for 6 moths and my nitrite level is always high...sense the last resort is safestart but can i use it even while my fish have been living in the tank for soo long?
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    SafeStart is supposed to be used on a brand new tank. If you wanted to use it, you would need to remove your fish, thoroughly clean the tank, fill with fresh water, add the TSS, and then add your fish back. As to how thoroughly you'd have to clean it, I'm not sure; I've never used the product before. I'm not sure, for example, if you would need to replace your filter media or not, because I don't know what the ramifications of adding a bacteria culture to an existing colony would be.
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    That is not 100% true, if you check out the thread here,, you will find that the real only requirement is no ammonia.

    that aside, If you could fill out your aquarium profile, that would help us greatly. Also as it says you do not know about the nitrogen cycle that is something else you really need to read up on.

    I have a few thoughts as to the problems but without some test results it is very hard to determine the cause of the problem.

    Could you by any chance post some recent test results for us to help better determine your problem?
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