1. FishFan Member Member

    WHY do all my posts say HECKO istead of he-LLO? Is it a censor? Just wondering-I know I didn't write HECKO!  ???
  2. swimfan Member Member

    that's HILARIOUS!!!!!!!! i just thought you had a great imagination for making "bad" words into fun nice words! i've seen lots of systems that automatically edit swear words but i've never seen he-llo edited! lol........ i think its cute :) hello to you too :p
  3. FishFan Member Member

    Yeah-I figured it out after I posted that to Mike-I had to change it & add a dash so it wouldn't say HECKO again! It's funny-but I felt really !!! LOL I messaged you back, by the way ;)
  4. Miss Mouse Well Known Member Member

    heeheehee I couldn't stop giggling when I read that - I did wonder what it was all about! :D
  5. fletch Member Member

    yeah i didnt want to ask just incaase it was just me being stupid
  6. fishfreak Member Member

    Thats funny right there I don't care who you are!!!!...... lol :D
  7. joe Member Member

    git r don i agree with fish freak thats funny right there i dont care who you are :D
  8. FishFan Member Member

    Well, then imagine how I felt...LOL
  9. fletch Member Member

    huh? whats all that about?
  10. Mike Fishlore Admin Moderator Member

    Hello, <-- Testing

    Not sure why it's doing that. Let me look in to it.
  11. FishFan Member Member

    I changed the posts I could, but it was really bizarre :eek: