Ugh, Lemon! Really!? Funny

  1. emmysjj

    emmysjj Well Known Member Member

    My betta is such a showstealer. I’m here trying to get a good photo of mango (my mystery snail) and Lemon swims in front! Ugh haha
  2. Adrian Burke

    Adrian Burke Valued Member Member

    Never seen a yellow betta. Very cute!
  3. sleow

    sleow Valued Member Member

    I swear I can't take a single good photo of my other fish because my bettas demand the spotlight :hilarious: Your guys are a such a good match!
  4. OP

    emmysjj Well Known Member Member

    Thanks. He was a rescue and had really bad fin rot, so I took him home :p
    He manages to hide from me when I try to get his photo, but he cuts in front for any one of the snails :confused: