Ugh! I am such a glutton for punishment!!!

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by tunastrack, Nov 30, 2012.

  1. tunastrack

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    So I was doing a water change today on the new 60 gal. Which sits in my dinning room about 8 feet away from my sliding glass door out to my back deck..I happened to glance out there and guess what....There was the tiniest pure black kitten sitting out there munching on the left over thanksgiving turkey (grrrr thanks hubby)!!!! So of course being the cat obsessed person that I am...I opened the door thinking he would just run away scared. NOPE!!! He comes mosying on right into the house meowing his head off!!! As if to say, Im here mommy...Deal with it!!! So now I guess I am up to SIX cats!!! He has been in the house not even three hours and he is on the bed with me sleeping in my lap, as if it has happened like this every single day since he was born....I am such a sucker!!!!!!!!I blame the MAN!!!! Who leaves a darn turkey outside on the back porch?!?!!?!?! So here are so pictures of my new "live in"...I guess I may as well start asking for name suggestions...Im thinking of Christmas Coal, and calling him Coal for short...I can only imagine tho what crazy name my daughter is going to come up with when she gets to see

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  2. Yeoy

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    He's very cute! Just make sure he's clean(ish) before you let him mix with your others. Free cat woo!
  3. Matt B

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    Awwwww, hes cute. I like Coal or Smokey. Thats very good of you to take him in, I must admit there's no way I'd let a kitty in my house, much less 6! You're crazy woman!

    Lets not get it to twisted here: Your husband left out a turkey which would take a 10-15 minutes to clean up, you adopted a kitty, that'll take more like 10-15 years. ;)
  4. Magoo

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    He is so cute lucky little kitty :)
  5. kinezumi89

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    So cuuuute! My boyfriend got a cat almost the exact same way. I agree, be sure he's clean first; he more than likely has fleas and you don't want them spreading to your other cats. :) Thanks for giving him a new home!
  6. OP

    tunastrackWell Known MemberMember

    LOL...But if he had just thrown the turkey out (trash day was yesterday he says he "forgot about it") then chances are the kitten would not have been attacted to my deck. Which is why it is all HIS fault...haha...

    And yes, I myself admit I am a crazy cat lady. No doubt in my mind about that. However I have over the years developed resistance to most strays. I mean I feed them. but do not let them come in. He on the other hand there is just something different about him. I believe that God places things (animals) and people in our paths for a reason and that every life has meaning. And there is just something about how it all went down and how he is behaving that has made me a sucker for him immediatly!. Like right now, he is curled up in my lap sleeping, as if he has known me all of his life. From someone who has had many MANY cats and kittens over the years come through my doors, he is amoung the very few who have adapted so completely so quickly. Which makes me feel he belongs here. If that makes me crazy...Then I guess Im guilty haha...He has already passed the "hubby" test, I sent him a picture saying look what YOU attracted to our house...he had no defense haha...

    As far as QTing him. He will be kept separated until he goes into the vet (a friend of mine) on Monday. Once he is tested and gets his boosters Ill allow him to interact with the other boys. Until then he is secluded to one area, usually where I am. The boys are all at my door meowing like babies right now tho. So I will be letting them in and putting him in my master bathroom soon.
  7. aquaticat

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    Adorable!! Coal is a cute name for him!

    I'm a sucker for kitties too :;laughing I've *almost* picked up like 5 little stray kittens that I've found different places, but my two at home would have my head... And my fish, as payback ;D
  8. psalm18.2

    psalm18.2Fishlore LegendMember

    I think his name should be Turkey or Thanks short for Thanskgiving.;)
  9. fishynoob

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    He looks just like my Gizzy (Gizmo) did. I am up to 4 cats at the moment but there are 7 strays near me too. It used to be 14 adults and unknown kittens but we called the RSPCA to come and get some and to neuter the others their population was getting extreme!
  10. oscarsbud

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    He is adorable and I think it's great that you are letting him adopt you. Sometimes it just seems like that is how it is supposed to be. I would have done the same thing.
  11. lizzj

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    Don't feel bad, they call me crazy cat lady too...LOL. I am up to 4 at the moment and 3 of them were rescues. I take and get them fixed and try to find them homes. I feel like they don't have a chance on the streets. I feed several neighborhood cats too. I have trapped strays and taken and had them spayed/neutered and it has helped the overpopulation in my neighborhood.

    He is a lucky little cutey! You definitely did your good deed today!
  12. aquatic

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    Looks like he found the right meal that night!

    I haven't had a cat in a couple years since our last one died of old age. Our last one was gotten from the humane society as a stray, and since the day we brought her home never once wanted to go back outside again. I wonder if your new arrival will act the same :)
  13. OP

    tunastrackWell Known MemberMember

    So, this is exactly why I LOVE this new kitten....He is so precious!!!

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  14. soltarianknight

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    Definitely lucky he found someone who is so used to dealing with younger cats. He is quite the looker. I vote for Coal tbh. Let us know how the vet trip goes. Just looking at him in that last pic he looks like he will be a larger muscular cat to me. Time will tell.