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    So I have been trying to read a lot about this, but a lot of discussions surrounding the subject of UGF vs not using one seems to be pretty biased no matter which way you read it.

    However, I recently purchased UGF for my 55 gallon soon-to-be cichlid tank and have a close-friend who kept a great cichlid tank for many years and he seems to swear by them, saying they require less maintenance if I do regular vacuums.

    I must say though, that after purchasing a 48x12 UGF, I am having second thoughts as to if I should just return it and put the money into a canister filter.

    Currently, I am running 3 sponge filters with a dojo loach to get the cycle going, and all seems well after approx. 3 weeks. I added the UGF today and while I believe in its possibility of being a great system, I am beginning to think that a HOB with my 3 sponges might be better - or a canister. In addition, I also think that it might be more trouble it is worth in the long run (on top of the fact that I have read that cichlids aren't too fond of them).

    Could someone point me in the right direction here? Should I just return the UGF and put the money into something else?
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    Thanks for the links, I am reading them now. I would also like to add that I will be planning to go with some live plants, but probably nothing too serious (java ferns, amazon sword, etc.). This is still a beginner tank in a way and I still need to pick up a better vacuum (my mini one is no good for this size of a tank). Moreover, I noticed that in those pictures posted in the link, there are no undergravel tubes running in the tank, is there a better way to using a UGF without having 4 of these uplift tubes running (i currently have 4)?
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    the sword will root into the ugf . You could not use 2 of the tubes and add powerheads to the top of 2 of them.