Type Of Cray Fish?

Discussion in 'Freshwater Invertebrates' started by arik wenzel, Apr 24, 2017.

  1. a

    arik wenzel Valued Member Member

    Bought this crayfish labeled as a Mexican dwarf crayfish but all the ones I've looked up are orange. Can anyone help me out here and also sex it and tell me how to sex it? IMG_20170424_232701.jpg IMG_20170424_232705.jpg IMG_20170424_232711.jpg
  2. Herkimur

    Herkimur Well Known Member Member

    It looks like a Blue Crayfish that molted not too long ago and the colors haven't filled in yet.
    Edit: make sure you have hard water, these guys need a ton of minerals to molt properly (calcium).
    And iodine in the form of seaweed (wafers, pellets or real weed).
  3. OP

    arik wenzel Valued Member Member

    He's a tiny guy. Just double checking you don't mean the electric blue crayfish correct because I've kept those in past and I know this one isn't.
  4. TySabol

    TySabol Valued Member Member

    Could either be a Cambarellus Dimintus or Brazos Mexican dwarf crayfish, hard to tell as my dimintus Crays are a more solid blue but the the brazos can come in a blue shade.

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