Two Tone Vinyl Backing? Paint?


So my whole family is in the hobby now and my wife and I are doing a planted build as decor in our living room. We are looking for some sort of background for our aquarium.

I know some people paint it black and some people choose vinyl backings, etc. We have a grow light and a timer, but we thought of a really cool idea. We thought about buying a RGB/black light that would transition into a black light and reveal a different scene.

What we look like to do is create or buy some sort of backing or paint where during the "day" cycle it blends well with the aquascape but at night it becomes BikinI Bottom at night. I'm not an artist, but my wife and kids are. I don't know how we would even go about it.


Maybe a driftwood scene for the daytime and a rocky scene with blacklight paint at night? I think rocks would be easy to blend and paint in. I'd paint a board or something and attach to the outside back panel. You could even consider backing the side panels, but it would leave less light in for the daytime.

Just a suggestion, but have you seen aquarium backlighting? Where they use frosted film and light up behind the tank? With only the backlight on, the decor is silhouetted, like evening for instance.

You could use the painted background as the background for the light too. Just the backlight would also be blacklight at night. You leave a little gap at the bottom between the tank glass and the board for the LED backlight.
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