Two spot Bristletooth Tang or Kole Tang for a 50G reef


I'm in the process of gathering equipment for a 50G Acrylic Aquarium. I'm doing a lot of research on the fish I want to stock in this tank. I want to create a list ahead of time with fish that will co-exist successfully, not grow too large for my tank and will not harm shrimp and snails because I plan on adding a fire red shrimp, fighting Conch, etc., cool looking snails and maybe a starfish. On this site there is plenty of info on the Kole Tang, but not much on the Two Spot Bristletooth(Blue Eyed) Tang. On the site it stated they should have a 75G or 90G tank, but in the description it said no smaller than a 30G for the Two Spot and the Kole no less than 40G. I'm still trying to determine the rest of my fish. I would like to have one or two 'main' fish like a tang and a Eibli(Red Stripe) Dwarf Angel. The Kole is listed as peaceful, the Two Spot as Semi-aggressive. I prefer the Two Spot, but will go w/Kole if it is a better match. 50G (36"Lx15"Wx20"H) 60# LR AquaC Remora skimmer w/pre-skimmer collector cup - ecoxotic 24" full spectrum LED light - ecoxotic Panorama 12000K LED light (2) Hydor Koralia 425GPH Circulation pumps w/Hydor Koralia Smart Wave Pump Controller Hydor Koralia 240GPH pump for a large cave. I added a EheI'm 'Classic' 250 canister filter and (2) battery back-up air pumps in case of a power outage Any suggestions?:;alien





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