Two Sick Bettas. Fin Rot, Black Spots On Body, Bumps On Spine, And A Lot Of Other Confusion. Help! Help

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  1. WindyDayzNew MemberMember

    3 weeks ago, I bought two bettas from Petco. Everything was going great at first, they were very happy in their 10 gallon divided tank. Until, a few days later, when I saw one of the bettas biting his fins and then realized with dread, he had fin rot. I did a small bit of research online and found out that Melafix should help him. I put the Melafix in their tank for a week, and absolutely nothing happened except now, the other betta had fin rot. (I learned I should have separated them later.) At this point, I was really panicking, so I started doing 50% water changes every day and bought Fish Mox, an antibiotic. I put it in their tank for a week, and still nothing happened, they didn't get better or worse, but the antibiotic destroyed my cycle and killed my moss balls.
    During the dosage of the antibiotic, I noticed one of the bettas had started developing black spots on his body. Unless you have been staring at him a lot like I have, they are almost impossible to see because they blend in with his silvery purple coloring so well. I haven't been able to find any information on them, and I'm just confused. Is it possible they are just part of his natural coloring? (Picture of him below, he's the silver one)
    The other betta though, developed something much worse. From what I can see, his spine started become crooked and very lumpy. Originally, I thought it was tuberculosis, but he really doesn't look that bad. Picture below: he's the blue and red one. (Please note: I put him in a smaller container to get a better picture, that is not his permanent tank)
    I did further research, and bought Methylene Blue. I've been taking them out and putting it on them for two days, but no part of them has turned blue yet. I've started a hospital tank to put one of the bettas in, but I'm not quite sure which one to put in. I don't know what to do now, please help me!

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  2. FishFor2018Well Known MemberMember

    Could I get a picture of the tank they were originally kept in? What are the water parameters of the tank they are being kept in? Whats the water temperature of the normal tank they are kept in and the tanks they are in now? The black on the one Betta is just coloring. The red Betta dosent look like he has fin rot really. He might have torn/bit a small part of it but that looks like that’s it. The grey Betta a I can’t really tell need a better picture please. Could you get a picture of the one with the lump on his spine from above? Also for the future I would use caution using melafix as it has tea tree oil in it which can harm a Betta as they are labyrinth fish. I use it sometimes if my Bettas get fin rot but I do underdose a little when I use it.
  3. WindyDayzNew MemberMember

    Right now, they are both in the original tank. I still need some items are still for the hospital tank to be ready. The temperature is 78-80F. The water parameters are: Ammonia: 0.25ppm. Nitrites: 0ppm. Nitrates: 10ppm. pH: 7.4. I used the API liquid test kit to get the parameters.

    I tried to get a better picture of the silver betta, but unfortunately, I don't have another clear small container that I could put him in to get another picture. He's very photo shy and wouldn't stop moving, so what I got is kind of out of focus, but its the best I could do in 20min. of trying. Sorry about any reflections in the pictures!

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  4. FishFor2018Well Known MemberMember

    The grey/Silver one seems healthy to me. dose he have any behavioral changes? The red one looks healthy besides the lump. How old is he roughly? He could be getting a tumor. Any behavioral changes with him?
  5. WindyDayzNew MemberMember

    The silver one is acting normal, very feisty and always begging or food. So, he's nowhere near unhealthy looking. I don't know exactly how old the red one is, due to the fact that he's from Petco, but I think he's on the younger side. He seems to be much more slow moving. He's lying on the bottom a lot more, upright, not on his side. He's still eating and occasionally swimming though.

    Do you think its safe to keep them in the same tank? Should I keep applying Melthylene Blue or should I stop?
  6. FishFor2018Well Known MemberMember

    I think they are fine in the same tank. I would stop using methylene blue as it’s used for treating fungal so it won’t help. Try using an Indian almond leaf or two. If it’s a tumor on the red Betta fish then there’s nothing you can do except monitor it really. Maybe @Dave125g @jdhef @BottomDweller or @Fanatic can help