Two red streaks near gills??

  1. Mwh7

    Mwh7 Member Member

    My male DT HM appears to have developed red "streaks"? Near his gills. One mirrors his gill, the other is completely vertical, something like this: ( |
    Is this normal, or what does this mean?? This is my first time keeping a Betta, but am experienced with other fish, so I thought it could've been suffering from ammonia poisoning, but the levels read 0. So I have no idea. 5gal tank, lighting, filtration, heat, cycled, been in the tank for about 6 weeks. I just noticed the markings this morning, and he seems overly excited. Any input would be awesome.

  2. B

    Bhuij Member Member

    Ammonia poisoning was my first guess too, but it looks like you have already ruled that out.

    I don't have a particularly educated next guess... perhaps high nitrite or nitrate levels could cause similar symptoms to ammonia poisoning?

    I think your best bet getting help on the issue is to post a picture.