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Discussion in 'Gouramis' started by SugarJunkee, Nov 25, 2012.

  1. SugarJunkee Valued Member Member

    Sorry for the new post, I've skimmed through a bunch and want to make sure I don't cross my information.

    We're setting up new tanks, and want to know if a Dwarf Gourami would be alright with a single angle in a 37 gallon? The tank has a good deal of tall plant cover and a large castle (the picture in my profile).

    Also needed to be sure whether or not our 3 spot blue gourami would be alright with either a single krib, apisto, or dwarf in a 20 long? It has 2 caves and will be adding live plants and the large driftwood that has been in our 37 gallon for 2 months as well. There is an AquaClear 50 on this tank that we had set up on our 37 gallon for a few weeks, so between the filter and driftwood, it should be well seeded.

  2. kinezumi89 Fishlore VIP Member

    I would go with no for both questions. There have actually been a couple stocking threads recently with people asking to keep cichlids and gouramis together and the answer has always been no. I think it would be acceptable for larger tanks, like 55 gallons or so, but in a 20 especially there won't be enough room for them to get away from each other.
  3. Jaysee Fishlore Legend Member

    I agree, no to both. you can do more with a larger tank - the 37 is still only a 30 inch long tank.

    I really don't think the 3 spot belongs in a 20 long. Once you account for the substrate and air gap at the top, the 20 long is only about 9 inches tall. I can't see it being happy to share the tank with anything, let alone another gourami.
  4. SugarJunkee Valued Member Member

    If we had to move the blue 3 spot to the 20 long, it would only be temporary. We plan to get another 37 gallon over the holidays, so he would be moving into that or the 40 gallon breeder. I just don't want to leave the 20 long empty if it would ruin the cycle. We added a few more new live plants, some tall cabomba and some other bunches similar to cabomba only rather like mini sized, paler green near the ends. Blue seems rather taken by the new foliage and temporarily mellowed out LOL.

    We'll wait to bring anyone else home for the 20 long until we get Blue settled into one of the new tanks. Our only other consideration would be a school of tetras, but again if he'd be more comfortable in there on his own to cope with his puberty issues, that would be fine too!
  5. kinezumi89 Fishlore VIP Member


    Since he'll be in such a small space, I'd leave him by himself, until you move him out at least. You wouldn't want him to be attacking other fish out of stress.
  6. SugarJunkee Valued Member Member

    Since we put the new plants in the original 37, he's still behaving. If it lasts a little while longer, he may avoid having a fishy time out until we get the new setup done! He's a lucky guy, we luv our Blue, mood swings and all. He always flips his feeler against the glass when the hubby puts his finger there, like giving him a high five.