Two Platys, Fat, Pooping Clear Poop Help

Discussion in 'Freshwater Fish Disease' started by Travis Bradbury, Jun 21, 2018.

  1. Travis BradburyValued MemberMember

    75 gallon tank.

    I have 2 platys that I raised from birth, they are now almost fully grown, and one of them is extremely fat. Like REALLY fat. The other is somewhat fat, but not too much.

    The really big one has been really big for aslong as I can remember, but now its kinda gotten out of hand.. the platy is REALLY big and fat. I have fed peas before when I noticed how big they were, its done nothing. I also treated for parasites, didnt do anything.

    But just now, I watched both my platys poop clear poo, they are swimming around and sand is getting stuck to it while their pooping. I'm afraid that they might have internal parasites. Tho I've had these platys in my tank for months, No other fish is showing signs of parasites.

    My neon tetras look fine, rummynoses look perfectly healthly, I have 4 glo fish, stomach do get big and white, but thats typically after a feeding..

    I'm not sure if I want these platys anymore, I'm afraid they might die, and pass the the parasite(if they have any) to everything else in the tank. I know if they do have them they probably did already.. but this size of a platy isnt right.

    My stocking is all mixed up because I had a killer DG kill abunch of my stock(had 12 neon tetras, now down to 2..) So I kinda want to start restocking, tho with these two platies, im not sure.

    Ive thought about euthanizing or giving them away. Im not sure if I want platies anymore, and as bad as it sounds, not sure if these two are worth more money to try to save if they do have internal parasites.

    What do you guys think I should do? What do you guys think it is?

    Below are pictures.


  2. Crafty CichlidWell Known MemberMember

    They might be pregnant, or have dropsy. The latter I learned, the hard way, sometimes starts with extreme bloating. It's been too long since last I had pregnant platys to really say which this is.

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