Two Of These Guys Dumped Into My Apartment's Indoor Koi Pond. What Are They?

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  1. Keegster1120

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    Hello guys, first post here.
    I was looking at my apartment's indoor koi pond yesterday and noticed two of these little guys swimming around in there. Most likely it seems that a tenant dumped them in there after not wanting them, as there is also a common goldfish in there that someone dumped. My question is does anyone know what these are and are they compatible to live in this pond? They seem to be spending all their time hiding under rocks, as the koi in this pond are pretty massive. Let me know if these are something that need to be removed from this pond and taken to a suitable home. Thanks! (Sorry for the small picture. It was hard to get it to come out from under the rock, but i tried to get the highest resolution pic I could)

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  2. Demeter

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    They look like African cichlids of some sort, which will not get along with goldfish and such.
  3. Albifrons

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    That's definitely an African cichlid, which is completely incompatible with goldfish and koi. I would try and catch them and then turn them into your lfs. Otherwise they won't survive long in a cold water pond.
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    Thanks for the prompt replies guys. I will try to net them out and take them to a good local store.