Two new cichlids

Discussion in 'Freshwater Fish and Invertebrates' started by Mark7A, Dec 31, 2012.

  1. Mark7AValued MemberMember


    I am just starting to add fish to my tank. Here are couple GBRs.
    DSC00003 (2).JPGDSC00006.JPG

    I want to add a third. I am not really looking to breed, but I do want a compatible group. Any idea what the sex is of these two? (I need better photos I think). I was thinking a male and two females (or even two males and two females) would be most harmonious. Any thoughts on that?

    The one picture next to the orange "plant", its hard to see, but there is a Peppered Cory under the GBR. Almost as if the GBR was protecting it. I think it the coolest thing that everyone is behaving (not sure if the Cory has the same assessment of that :;laughing).

    Also in the tank are three Peppered Corys (going to add a fourth) and 7 Green Fire Tetras. I want to add two young angels and perhaps another two Rams.

    All seem happy, but the Rams seem overly shy? I've added these guys about 36 hours ago, is that normal, and will they be more active in the future? They both have found a few choice hiding spots.
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  2. AquaristFishlore LegendMember

  3. Mark7AValued MemberMember

    Those links helped.
    Looks like I have two males. One being more dominant (assuming, since one is more colorful).

    I added a Dwarf Flame Gourami, a BN and two small angels. That seemed to make them (BGR) come out a bit more to stake claims to territory (I would guess). Everyone seems to be playing nice though.

    Would adding two female GBRs be reasonable (I don't want to start any fights)?
    Would a pair of GBRs be safe with a pair of other Rams?

    Thanks for the help and advice!
    It is great seeing the tank come alive...who needs a TV anymore?!

  4. ramsforlifeNew MemberMember

    ugly hate balloons not fair stick to real species lol but ballons harder to sex
  5. btate617Well Known MemberMember

    I too "hate" pretty much every hybrid there is in the hobby today.... as anyone on the forum who knows me will tell you, however....
    What someone keeps in their tanks they didn't stock to please others, and chances are they probably think the fish other people are keeping are ugly too.

    But to tell someone to stick to real species is not a very well thought out statement. They purchased a "GBR" or Mikrogeophagus Ramirezi and yes their new fish is a line bred fish, however and it actually pains me to say this... it is still a Mikrogeophagus Ramirezi. If you kept wild Mikrogeophagus Ramirezi in your tanks, this person has the same fish you do, only theirs has been line bred to have a difference appearance.

    I suppose it would come down to where you sit on line bred fish, I myself consider them hybrids, but my opinion doesn't hold much weight.

    I only have one more thing to comment on. In your aquarium info it says you have gold rams, what river system did these wild fish come from?

  6. jerilovesfrogsFishlore VIPMember

    um, if you hate them, then why does your profile say you have them???

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