Two new Cichlids question.

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    So, I got a beautiful yellow lab from petsmart yesterday and set him up in his new tank I've finally been able to get cycled. Well today I went to my local fish store (tropical fish bowl) and I let my girlfriend pick her out a cichlid. Well I presumed the cichlid she picked was a female because the colors were kind of plain. Whenever I put it in the tank my yellow instantly would follow her new cichlid wherever it went and would shake it's body like it was spazzing out or something. Then they both kind of started doing shaking and moving in a figure eight around each other. I was just wondering if this is a sign they like each other or something? They are both very tiny cichlids, and no signs of aggression what so ever. These are the only two I plan on keeping in the tank. Just wanted to make sure my new little guys are doing alright.
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    I don't know much about cichlids, but i think he might be trying to "impress" the female. That's why he is doing all the shaking and stuff because he wants to pair up.

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