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I'm going to be building out a 55 gallon in the next week, and when everything is cycled and ready to go, I'll be stocking it with kuhlis, probably around 10.

My first question is, is there a good type of "cave" to use for these guys? I'd like to have 2 caves (one on each end) with a single entrance/exit, as their primary home.

Secondly, I read on some site about issues with current batches of loaches, how many are dying after a week or two, and how petstores aren't carrying them. I did notice around the Chicago area that many stores don't carry them anymore. Is there any truth to this? If I can find the link I'll post it.

Thanks for the info....love the site!

EDIT: Here's the link regarding the lack of kuhlis:


I have had Kuhlis(both black and stripped) for years. They are a really cool little fish with a small bioload. They seem to prefer caves of layered rocks with small spaces to get into. they tend to scoot up as tight as they can get to sleep. they also love plants. I'll post a pic of my 55 gallon loach tank before I tore it down. Now I have a 75 gallon loach tank

I haven't heard about any problems with current Kuhlis but I do know they don't do well in new tanks. the tank needs to be at least a couple of months old. The reason I think this is true is as well as food they tend to nibble on microscopic critters growing on rocks, glass and decor and in new tanks that hasn't had time to develop.
1)when plants grew in a bit
2) When first set up
3) kuhlI lounging in Java fern


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It depends on the store on what the quality of the fishes health will be. I try to avoid PetSmart, because some of their fish usually have ich and half their Black KhulI Loaches appear half dead (I checked today and felt so bad for the ones that you could tell were struggling). I have a few fishstores that I prefer because they sell healthy fish and know more about the fish and their care than LPS, plus they tend to carrying species that LPS don't (i.e., Stripped KhulI Loaches, puffers, rams, etc).
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Where ever you buy fish you really have to look at them closely before buying them as any fish store can get sick fish in a shipment. I think I bought most of my Kuhlis at Petco
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