Two JDs and an EBJD Issues...

Todd Martin
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Hello everyone.

Last week, my 55G tank completed its nitrogen cycle.
Because I use to own normal JDs in High-School, I decided to return to one of my favorite fish.
One gene trait that I've always wanted was the EBJD, but I was never able to find one locally until last week when I went to my LFS to pick up some JDs.

I ended up purchasing two JDs and an EBJD in hopes to breed them down the road.
They're quite small, maybe 2" or so, but it seems as if there has been some dominance laid down already.
One of the JDs has seemingly taken over the tank, attacking the other JD and the EBJD if they get near him.
Although I feel there are a lot of hiding places among the tank, the EBJD has resorted to hiding behind the heater. This has made me extremely upset, as for he spends 90% of his time behind there...
The other JD is usually on the opposite side of the tank, under some lava rock.

I currently have two more tanks in my possession, for a total of three tanks.
I have a 10G that's currently being used by a 3" Crayfish and a empty 30G.
I would like to remove the overly dominant JD from my 55G, as well as the Crayfish, and put them into my 30G.
I'm worried about having the JD with the Crayfish, because I've heard keeping fish with Crayfish is controversial.
Obviously, the JD would only be in the 30G temporarily until my EBJD can establish dominance.

What would everyone here suggest?
Thanks so much for the help.

- Todd

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EBJD will likely never establish dominance over a normal JD.

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Some JDs just can't live with other fish. They are just too aggressive. It's a personality thing. I have a feeling based on what you have described, that the aggressive JD will not change. If he is that aggressive at such a young age/small may just need to rehome that one and keep the more docile JD and the EBJD. I do not think the "time out" will make any difference. That JD will be put back with the other two and likely go right back to the same behavior. And I agree that the EBJD would likely never establish dominance over a regular JD.

Three JDs in a 55 likely won't end well....

I would also worry about the crayfish's safety in a small tank with a JD. Especially a very aggressive one. If he molts he is dead meat.......and as I said, I just do not think removing him temporarily and putting him back will make any difference at all. And how would the EBJD establish dominance with a fish that isn't even in his tank anyway?

If I were you I would rehome the aggressive JD. And if you are dead set on having 3, try another one and see if that one is less aggressive.
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Your best bet here is to put the EBJD in the 30 gallon. A large crayfish will kill a 2 inch fish at night - seen it way too many times.

Let them grow out before introducing a pair to one another. Most times however forced pairs just don't work.
Todd Martin
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Thanks a lot for the help everyone.

I'm still learning about the hobby, and I'm by no means an expert which is why I reach out here on Fishlore and at my LFS.
I may just have to rethink the idea of having two JDs with an EBJD.
Originally, I debated the idea of just getting one EBJD and raising it until maturity; I'm starting to think that was my best bet.
It sounds unrealistic to put the JDs with my Crayfish, so that option isn't going to work out.
I'll speak with my LFS about returning the overly aggressive JD, I feel really bad for the other JD and EBJD so I can't let this go on much longer. Perhaps I can re-home him on Craigslist if the store is unable to take him back.
Today, I reorganized the lavarock to make about six different caves for the fish to hide in until I can figure out a solution. Perhaps these additional hiding locations will help.
I'm going to be waking up early tomorrow morning to observe the behavior of all of them, and determine which JD(s) has to go.

Thanks everyone.
I'll post an update tomorrow when able.

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