Two Fish Suddenly Sick After Feeding

Discussion in 'Freshwater Fish Disease' started by Spklvr12, Apr 16, 2019.

  1. Spklvr12 New Member Member

    I have 7 threadfin rainbows in a 15G. Today I fed them and maybe ten minutes or so later, one is bent and tremoring, and one looks weak and is just drifting along with the current. None of the other fish look sick. My betta in a different tank was also fed the same food (TetraRubin, flakes). Water parameters are 0, 0, 10. Did a check right after it happened, but still did a small water change. Previous water change was Saturday. My immediate thought is that it could have been soap on my hands, as I had washed my hands not that long before I fed them, but I'm not sure. Will throw away the food no matter what just in case.

    Top photo is the one drifting and the bottom is the one that's bent, along with the healthy fish. They seem to surround her.

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  2. 86 ssinit Well Known Member Member

    How long have you had them? In first pic fish looks to have fin rot or another fish nipping it.
  3. Spklvr12 New Member Member

    I've had them since January. I also noticed her fin, but the other sick fish's fins are fine. And none of the healthy ones seems to have any kind of fin rot, so they might have nipped at her. Possibly after she got sick, because I haven't noticed before and I feel like I would have. It's quite visible.
  4. MileyMorkie Valued Member Member

    Using your healthy fish is the best indicator you can get. Don't know much about rainbows but I have some ideas. Nicked fins and fin/tail rot are reversible if the water is clean or fresh. Believe it or not fish can get scoliosis, this doesn't kill them entirely but will be passed down to generations and will make moving harder for them. The sickest fish should be isolated as there may be more than just one thing. I learned from my own fish that they'll protect and surround the sickest one every now and then. Injured fish will drift and barely move, check for gashes, white spots and other things on them. (Quick heads up for your betta) make sure your betta is fed pellets as they don't like flakes and also make sure the pellets are a good brand. I hope this helps with your situation.
  5. Spklvr12 New Member Member

    Both fish died within a few hours I'm afraid. The rest still look perfectly fine. No signs of fin rot or illness. I do believe something must have got to them, either through the food or by my hands, since it happened so fast and to two of them. But it's strange that they showed such different symptoms and that it affected none of the other fish. My betta actually won't eat pellets, only flakes and worms.
  6. MileyMorkie Valued Member Member

    Sorry to hear about that. Had the same thing happen to a few of my fish, one had given birth and later got ich and other issues, and one died of a gash on his back. Interesting that your betta prefers those over pellets, guess flakes and pellets play a role in their personality too.