Two female guppies and I don't know if they're pregnant!

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    emilyelizabeth New Member Member

    Hi :)

    I have two female Guppies and one male and I know that Guppies breed like crazy. Three days ago I found two fry, and I don't know which female they came from. The females are both still large and one is really large with a lighter gravid spot and one is smaller (still roundish though) with a really dark gravid spot. I have moved the larger one into a breeding box but I am concerned about how stressed she seems to be. :( What should I do?

  2. Coradee

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    I would take the female out of the breeding box as it can stress them out so much they can abort their fry.
    If you want to save some fry then you can net them out of the tank & put them in the breeder, you can feed them whatever you feed the adults just crush it finely.
    Guppies drop every 28-30 days & can have 30+ fry each time so if you saved them all you'd very soon be overstocked
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    emilyelizabeth New Member Member

    Ok thanks :) I have taken her out and put her back into the main tank. I'm not sure if she is pregnant or just fat ha. Neither of them seemed to decrease in size after I found the two fry :/