Two Curiosities About Goldfish :)

  1. poeticinjustices Well Known Member Member

    All right, satisfy my curiosity for me, please, goldie pros :)

    1) Chise is dropping eggs! They're not fertile but they're there! She's 7 mos

    2) What is the purpose of yawning in goldfish? They yawn and smack their lips, wiggle gills and stretch their fins like people having a good yawn/stretch and it's too funny. Just wondering if anyone knows what purpose it serves besides being cute :)

    And yes, I decided to shorten the post to take out my signature rambling lol. Apparently it sounds like I am having a stress attack when I do that. But really I just write a lot haha :)
  2. Witchydesign Well Known Member Member

    Poe, step away from the tank. Lol. Back away from the medicine cabinet too. Let the fishes settle, didn't you just get those? Lol.

    Im calling an intervention due to fish yawn counting! Stop. Go relax. Its independence day and i demand you go enjoy yourself before you decide they have another disease :)

    As for eggs, someone else can figure that one out. But until then step away from the tank. :p
  3. poeticinjustices Well Known Member Member

    Haha you misunderstand. I'm actually not stressing this time. I was just thinking about it. In fact, I've edited the post just for you (and everyone else who thinks I'm just having a freak out lol). I'm really not, I got through that yesterday! This is exclusively curiosity-based, yeesh haha :)
  4. Rivieraneo Moderator Moderator Member

    PI, when is a goldfish not "yawning" or "pecking" ? I'm sure EC kept them in an outdoor pond with green water, im sure their behavior is just them inhaling water as they did in their other environment looking for yummy algae to eat. You are similar to me, plan for the worst, hope for the best, keep in mind that any pet or human being will get bumps and bruises from time to time, I wouldn't stress over anything your fish aren't stressed about. Enjoy your 4th now.
  5. poeticinjustices Well Known Member Member

    Oh my gosh. I like that explanation! It would also explain the "lip smacking" they do right afterward haha, like they're trying to see if they got anything yummy from their yawn! It looks so human that I can't help but crack up every time they do it. They stretch out their fins, somehow their eyes bug out then they yawn and smack their lips really fast right after haha. I am reminded of when my boyfriend wakes up in the morning lol. If you really think about it, it could even be instinctual from wild ancestry. That's a bit of a reach though haha. I just always wondered what it meant, my 29g goldies used to do it a lot more when I first got them too. I almost feel a little guilty that they're not in green water now haha.

    I'm actually doing pretty okay with managing my anxiety this time. I spent 24 hours thinking "Is that Ich" "Oh my god, that's columaris!" and "They have gill flukes"! But it passed a lot more quickly than it did in the 29g, perhaps because their tank is all but instantly cycled and I don't have to stress about parameters. They have the faintest nitrite reading, but god bless seeded media, haha, for real. Now I just stare at them in awe until I make them uncomfortable haha.

    I cannot wait till everyone can go in the 75g together :) I think they will make really excellent friends for Motley and she will appreciate having a couple other females around to take some of the attention off of her haha.
  6. Rivieraneo Moderator Moderator Member

    Here's a book I highly recommend for you:

    Fancy Goldfish: A Complete Guide to Care and Collecting by Dr. Erik L. Johnson and Richard E. Hess, you can get it on amazon for under $20.
  7. poeticinjustices Well Known Member Member

    Thank you! It's on my list for my next payday :)
  8. Rivieraneo Moderator Moderator Member

    I bought mine "used" a year ago and upon inspection, to me it looked new, one corner had a slight bent, same as when you go to Barnes and Noble and buy a book that has been handled. Look for a used one, ive seen them for under $10. Great book.
  9. poeticinjustices Well Known Member Member

    Will do!