two angels in tank?

  1. davyjones15

    davyjones15 New Member Member

    is there anyway to house two angels in the same tank?
    i currently have a blueface angel which is in his changing phase from juv to adult(check out album picks on profile)
    i was wondering if i could house a french angel with him? thanks
  2. au01st

    au01st Well Known Member Member

    This is in the 180, correct? If you found one the same size, I think it would be okay. Normally you would want to introduce them at the same time, but I would try to find one of comparable size then put him in at night when the lights are out.
  3. c

    cerianthus Well Known Member Member

    I would rather put French either bigger or smaller than Blu-face. Being equal size means more competition and more confrontations.
    Just as precaution, try to have large, clear plastic container w/ lots of holes which can be hung inside of tank (Superking Filter Box or Lee Product, bigger the better or even large clear Plastic Carbon Jar). Use this container to house the new fish for few days after acclimation. This way new fish can really adjust to your water w/o being bossed around (stress factor which can weaken and kill fish or actual physical attack)) by Blue face. Do let him go in the middle of night w/o any light. Hopefully this will give French( or new any arrival) little edge. Have introduced tangs and angels, groupers using this method w/ great results rather than just putting new arrival straight into the tank.
    Next time, should consider adding them at the same time whenever possible, angels w/ angels, tangs w/ tangs, etc.
    Good Luck!!
  4. M

    Matt Well Known Member Member

    As Jeff pointed out you would ideally want to introduce them at the same time but if they are the same size then they should be alright except if the new one is very aggressive for his/her size.

  5. s

    swb653 New Member Member

    mixed angel

    hello im new to your site im from wales in the uk my name is tony reply to ur question i house my queen angel and my french angel and they get on very well and a few years ago i used to have a blue face and french with no problem but i thing they was put in as juviniles hope this help you:;toast