Two Additional Dr. Loiselle Talks; 1 - Sunday & 1 - Monday

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    GSAS is please to offer two (2) additional talks by Dr. Loiselle that will be open to the public; one in Burien on Sunday and one in Greenwood on Monday. Of course our regular meeting will be on Tuesday at our regular meeting location on the SPU campus.

    TWO extra presentations Sunday in Burien and Monday in North Seattle:

    Special Bonus meetings Sunday June 12 + Monday June 13
    As promised, here are the details on the two bonus presentations from Dr. Loiselle:

    On Sunday, we will hear Dynamic Danios, Resplendent Resboras. An overview of these popular aquarium residents that updates their taxonomy and introduces the many species that have made their debut as ornamental dish over the past two decades. This presentation will be at the Burien Library meeting room (walking distance from A Place For Pets!). Social/setup time 5:30 PM, Meeting at 6:00 PM.

    On Monday, we'll be heading to the North end to see Good Things in Small Packages. The popularity of nano-aquariums seems inversely proportional to their size! However, managing these mini-aquaria can be a real challenge This program offers helpful husbandry hints for the novice nano-tank keeper and presents a review of the many fish species that will thrive in a nano-aquarium. This presentation will be at the Broadview Branch of the Seattle Public Library, and we'll have the same schedule with setup at 5:30, presentation at 6:00 PM.

    June Meeting: Paul Loiselle
    June 14th, Seattle Pacific University, Otto-Miller room 109 (details here). Meeting Starts at 7:30, social time at 6:30.
    Dr. Paul V. Loiselle is an enthusiastic aquarist of over 50 years’ experience. During the course of his career, Paul has had the opportunity to study cichlids in Madagascar, West Africa, Lakes Victoria and Tanganyika, Haiti, Mexico, Central America and the Peruvian Amazon. Emeritus Curator of Freshwater Fishes at the New York Aquarium and a Senior Conservationist of the Wildlife Conservation Society, he is actively involved in conservation programs focused on the fishes of Madagascar. Paul is a Scientific Advisor to the Association of Zoos and Aquarium's Freshwater Fish Taxa Advisory Group and Lake Victoria Cichlid Species Survival Program and serves in a similar capacity to the Madagascar Faunal Interest Group. A founding member and Fellow of the American Cichlid Association and a life Member of both the Association France Cichlide and the North Jersey Aquarium Society, he is an internationally published author of numerous articles on the care and breeding of ornam! ental fishes and such books as The Cichlid Aquarium, Your Garden Pond and The Fishkeeper’s Guide to African Cichlids.

    The presentation is: Ny Trondro Malagasy! Home to lemurs, chameleons and exotic plants, the fabulous Red Island also boasts an amazing - and gravely threatened - assemblage of endemic fishes. This introduction to the Malagasy ichthyofauna focuses on Madagascar’s endemic rainbowfishes, killies and cichlids, discusses the reasons for their dramatic decline and outlines how aquarists can play a role in saving these living fossils from extinction.

    This meeting is also our final meeting for the season, so we will be holding elections for three board members. After the main presentation, stick around for the monthly auction (information here).

    We hope you can join us for one or both of these talks!