two 55 gallon tanks, stand, and T5 lights for sale

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  1. Regal

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    I have these tanks listed on craigslist. PM me if you're interested! These are for local pick up only. I'm in Northeast Ohio. I just cut and pasted the craigslist ad. Make me an offer. If anyone is interested in just the tank(s) light(s) or stand just let me know :)

    This is a beautiful double-tank set up on a very sturdy black metal stand.

    You could do two different set-ups in the same space as one tank.

    Maybe a freshwater planted tank, saltwater tank, An African Cichlid tank or brackish set-up.

    Set includes:
    • Two 55-gallon Marineland tanks with black background.

    • Two Light fixtures – Sun System Tek Light T5 HO 108 watt light fixtures with adjustable mounting brackets. These are high wattage light fixtures for plant growth in freshwater planted tanks or Coral in a saltwater tank. Each fixture holds two T5 48inch 54 watt bulbs which are included. Each fixture will include one 10,000k bulb and one actinic bulb.

    • Your choice of substrates. I have enough black planted tank substrate (expensive and worth it) for one tank, enough African Cichlid shell substrate (to keep ph up) for one tank, and enough natural brown small-sized gravel for one tank. I also have enough very fine light colored natural gravel for two tanks. (very fine – almost a sand/gravel mix. Would be great for Cory Cats)

    These are used items but in great condition. The tanks have no leaks and the light fixtures and bulbs work great! The tanks could use a quick scrub.

    If you bought these lights new, you would spend $600 bucks! Each light fixture (without bulbs) is $220 and the mounting legs are $65. Google Tek Light T5 lights and Tek Light mounting legs!

    This is a picture of my tanks in my home. I have the exact same set out in my garage. It’s not being used and someone should be enjoying it!

    Price is $300 for one tank, one stand and one light fixture.
    $400 for two tanks, one stand and two light fixtures

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  2. harpua2002

    harpua2002Fishlore VIPMember

    Tek lights are great quality fixtures, and this is a great deal for 2 sets of lights and complete setups! :)
  3. OP

    RegalWell Known MemberMember

    Thank you Harpua

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