Two 29 Gallon Tanks

  1. ap4lmtree

    ap4lmtree Well Known Member Member

    EDIT: I changed my mind. i will simply have one 40 gallon breeder tank. it would save me money, and it makes it more simple

    I will have my already 19 harlequin rasboras, 10 kuhli loaches, and 5 java loaches.

    And then, i will add 20 cory habrosus.

    My issue now is that I have 4 bettas. One will be in the 40 gallon. I have two 4 gallon i keep on my desk with a betta each, but i need another community tank for a betta. So now i have to figure out what to put with a 10 gallon with my forth betta. Some tetra or rasbora that feeds from the surface
  2. Adrian Burke

    Adrian Burke Valued Member Member

    Cherry shrimp are good companions for a betta
  3. Aureus

    Aureus Valued Member Member

    If the Betta doesn't decide to eat them, that is.
  4. OP

    ap4lmtree Well Known Member Member

    aye. i have four bettas. three dont care about shrimp, but the most well rounded and female one, she is a hunter. I saw her kill my golden yellow shrimp right in front of me. She doesn't have any stand out qualities except being well rounded and not quirky, and also being a hunter