Twitch'n Thing

  1. Marlon

    Marlon New Member Member

    Hey i was observing my discus's this morning and some or two of them doing a weird Twitch'n Thing,what is this? "its like i took a stun gun to them" or is this a good thing :;group
  2. Slug

    Slug Well Known Member Member

    Is one doing it infront of or beside another fish? Like purposly swimming up to them and twitching? Could be courtship behavior. Does it look like any of this from this video? (My old pair)
  3. OP

    Marlon New Member Member


    okay good so they are in the courtship transitions,great now all need is my 90gallon so i could place the others in there and leave them alone for a bit..

  4. joshua 74

    joshua 74 Valued Member Member

    that mean they breed mine do that 2 each other heps all 3 do it 2 each other ten they start biting each other i must have down syndrome discus lol
    plz explain more im thik