Twig Catfish Pleco

  1. fish time

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    Not sure if this is the right place to put this but every time I go to my local petsmart all the plecos like rubberlips, bristlenoses, and every other always have ick so I'm decided to move on to twig catfish now I have read that they are very delicate and can break in half? And I have heard that they are one of the best algea eaters tied with otos so I think I may try and purchase a twig catfish eventually because my petsmart sells like 2 at a time they ushaully are from what I see all the time are about 4 inchs (pretty big)so I may think about this a little while for my tank but have any of you kept these fish like pleco stick looking fish before and if so are they aggressive and do they eat algea ? And most of all when you guys purchased one how did you acclimate it to the tank i understand the process were you add drops to the bag since I've done it with my other fish but here's the promblem when the drip acclimating Is over how in the world do I get it out without harming it since it's skinny like a twig do I just get the bag and pour it over a net so the fish gets caught in the net and then I place the net in the tank so it swims out freely?
    Help and advice appreciated
  2. Aquaphobia

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    I have a couple Marble Twig Catfish and they are much bigger than 4" just so you're warned. They look delicate but don't worry they won't just snap in half. I used a very large net to transfer mine. I don't know how much algae they eat since I don't really have much growing in my tank but then I supplement all my bottom feeders with various kinds of wafers.

    Cool fish!
  3. Rshore

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    No experience with twig catfish, lots of experience with plecos though, i usually use a cup rather then a net to move them as they can get tangled in a net as for acclimating im a drop and plop guy never any issues for me in doing so.
  4. Fanatic

    Fanatic Fishlore VIP Member

    I always have trouble getting fish out of the bags.
    So I just use my hand to carefully pick them up.