Twig catfish any one?

  1. kingguppy9000 Member Member

    Anyone ever have any experience with twig catfish? I had never heard of them before, but a little over a month ago I found two in my lfs, didn't even want them, I just wanted to make sure that the next guy who did want them was sol. As it turns out they are some pretty cool duded.[​IMG]
    I also picked up a sweet butterfly loach, but he must have spent some time in SERE school because I never see it, and when I do its hard to identify 1465792012147.jpg
    Just imagine a stingray but small, and a suckere mouth that eats Alger
  2. Charles556 Member Member

    I have the same species of twig catfish as you in my tank. They're pretty fun to look at but aren't the most active. It feeds off the algae in my tank, as well as the algae wafers I drop in the tank right after lights out. I'm trying to introduce it to blanched zucchini and cucumber, but with no success so far.

    As for your butterfly loach, it prefers to be kept in well-oxygenated, slightly cooler water with ideally 6 other conspecifics, according to

  3. kingguppy9000 Member Member

    My twigs won't eat any veggies, raw or blanched. They don't even pay attention to the wafers, they go insane when I feed my tanks with brine fish twice a day, also do you have an logs? My LFS guy seems to be correct 100% of the time, which actually annoys me 92% of the time, he told me they sick on wood a lot, which so far has been very correct.

    I don't believe the internet, according to them my twig catfish should be dead also. Internet also tries to tell me I don't have a guppy platy hybrid, but I clearly do.
  4. Charles556 Member Member

    I have 2 pieces of Mopani bogwood, which the twig will sometimes rest on.

    So you don't believe anything from the Internet, then? Interesting. Did this 'LFS guy' tell you you could keep a single butterfly loach with a Betta?

    Hopefully someone else with more experience with butterfly loaches can stop by. A few months ago, I was interested in acquiring some of those loaches, only to learn through thorough research that they wouldn't be temperature compatible with many of my other fish.

    Hopefully your loach can give you a few years of enjoyment, if you choose to keep it :)

  5. Aquaphobia Fishlore Legend Member

    Yep, they're funky-looking critters! I'd love to have one just because they're so different. I decided against them because they really weren't that active and I had the chance to live with some so I got to see them at different times of the day and night. Nifty, weird, no personality to match:-\
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    Yea that's why I got them, they just looked odd.

    No, he was not at work, it was some other person who I don't trust, she told me that I need at least two loachs, and that I shouldn't put them with my twig catfish because they eat the same food which means they will starve to death. Which I may add will not happen. I raise baby fish, so I feed my fish 5 times a day, twice of which are brine shrimp, they have lots of plants and wood to eat, I also add plant fertilizer which means I have algae for them to eat in abundance.

    I did read briefly on the loachs and nothing in the pera maters jumped out at me as not compatable, sounds like I need to read on the matter again, I am not worried about my betta, Franklin minds his own business and is wary of foreign entanglement, he is a peaceful community betta, , he has a full time girlfriend that lives with him, they enternet, scientists, and pet nerds all told me I couldn't do that, and she would die. They equally said I couldn't have 5 male betta in a 30 gallon community tank, and they where all wrong about that. My betta just stake out certain sides of the tank and they don't bother each other.

    You just gotta be smart, I mean honestly, if you couldn't keep betta together they would go extinct in the wild. They are not huge fish, so in the wild, the over aggressive ones would get killed pretty fast, you just have to find betta that have the right temperment, some are fairly peaceful, while others instantlt flare up and want to scrap.

    Fyi, I'm not a scientist, that's just my logical thinking in action, I'm sure tons of people will say I'm absolutely wrong.
  7. happygolucky Well Known Member Member

    You clearly have a guppy platy hybrid? What makes you so certain that everybody else on the internet is wrong? Can we see pictures?

    Anyways, I guess it is pretty cool that you have been able to make some things that don't work 99% of the time work lol :)

  8. kingguppy9000 Member Member

    Yes I can show you the gupatty or the platuppy, take your pick of names, it's ugly as sin, it's the shape of a platty, but short like a guppy, it's also kinda fat, maybe just a female, but maybe also pregnant, not sure if she is old enough for that, she is always glued to the side of on of my other platties. Give me a few moments to attempt to take a good picture.
  9. kingguppy9000 Member Member

    As for making the betta work, the secret is this, when you pic out three or so, don't be shocked if you have one that kills the others, just get three more, make sure they all look different, if it's the same boss betta that survoves, then you have a mean betta, get rid of him or put him in is own tank. Just keep doing it till you don't get a pit viper of a fish. More times then not it ends in a savage fight. If they instantly rip of a part of each other's fins, and then don't run but keep fighting then you know it's not likely to work, your looking for fish that run away the second they loose a part. Also, I think the two biggest keys in making it work is to plant the tank very heavy, make sure that they can hash out territory and have the plants set up like walls, if they can just not see each other it will work fine, remember you only kept sissy fish, second key seems to be to keep a lot of fish with them, if the tabk is very very busy they seem to get distracted. Never tried it with just 4 bettas, but I'm guessing with no other distractions that it would be a rumble.

    1465802310501.jpg 1465802320033.jpg 1465802325014.jpg 1465802329733.jpg 1465802333833.jpg
    Just like with big foot or any mythical creature.....the pictures are blurry, that things is freaking fast, way faster then any of my platties or swords.
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    Maybe it's just the picture, but all I see is a fat platy (possibly pregnant). The thing is, the Xiphophorus family (platy) has a different shaped gonopodium (used to insert sperm) than the Poecilia (guppy) family, meaning the female parts of one family are aligned to only fit the gonopodium of that family. Your guppy/platy is only possible with artificial insemination, which I doubt would happen if you bought your fish at a LFS.

    Who is the mother (platy/guppy) and do you know her "history", as in was she bred, shipped, and sold, or something else also occurred???
  12. kingguppy9000 Member Member

    See what I mean, it is shaped like a pladdy, but looks like a girl guppy, she is just way to big to be a guppy