Tutorial: How To Fix A Crooked Line On Refractometer

So, you have just bought a new refractometer (Or got an extra one from the seller for free). You excitedly go to calibrate and check your aquarium, but the line is crooked making it unreadable.

Fear not! I have a solution to the problem. There are 2 scenarios where I recommend fixing it yourself: 1. You got it for free with no warranty
2. Your refractometer is super cheap
If it is covered under warranty by a reputable company, REPLACE IT! Also your refractometer may be sl
Step 1. Remove the focus lens. This step is easy. Unscrew the focus lens as far as it will go, then grab a wrench and grip onto the plastic as shown in picture 1.

Step 2: Pull and remove the rubber sleeve around the handle.

Step 3: Undo the screws holding the chart in place. You don’t have to take the screws out. A half turn will suffice.

Step 4: Adjust the chart, and screw the focus lens on, (not super tight) unscrew the lens and repeat until the line is acceptable.

Step 5: Once you are pleased with the line, tighten the screws, put the sleeve on, and tighten the focus lens assembly back on.
Wild Bill
Good idea. Maybe a sticky somewhere?

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