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  1. bryce1217Valued MemberMember

    so I caught a nearly dead painted turtle about 2 months ago. he was the size of a nickel lol hes grown to 2 inches across his shell. im afraid to let him go after hand feeding him for 2 months. I was wondering if he would do well in one of my fishtanks. there is floating driftwood and plants in both tanks.
    he does spend a ton of time in the water in his current tank

    30 gallon
    1 angelfish
    2 black ruby barbs
    2 bosemani rainbowfish
    2 turquoise rainbowfish

    the rainbows im growing out to put in my 46 bowfront

    46 gallon bowfront
    1 blood parrot cichlid
    3 silver dollars
    2 bala sharks- they are rescues from a friend who nearly killed them they are nursed back to health and going to my friend who was a 600 gallon tank!

    could the turtle live in these enviorments?
  2. hollie1505Well Known MemberMember

    The turtle may be able to live in these environments, the fish will probably not live with the turtle for long though :)
  3. bryce1217Valued MemberMember

    Thank you! I just wanted to give him a better and bigger environment the only problem was having fish in tanks as well. Lol
  4. hollie1505Well Known MemberMember

    I know what you mean. He probably wouldn't eat anything whole in the 46, but he might have a go. I don't have any experience I just think he'd enjoy a fishy treat :)
  5. bryce1217Valued MemberMember

    Lol. I've been feeding him baby guppies. He eats around 10-12 a week. Lol. He may eat some of my silver dollars. One is full grown but the other 2 are about the same size as him. The blood parrot is full grown. I was afraid they would eat him but now that I think about it he may eat them Lol. Thank you!
  6. Marie1Well Known MemberMember

    Painted turtles will grow fairly large. A 75 gallon is what it will need for a long term home. They also need UVB light, a heat lamp, and a basking area. A large canister filter to keep the water clean is also needed.

    They are very messy. Unless they are in an extremely large tank, they will make the water a mess, and make it very difficult to keep fish with them. Also, they eat fish. They do not make good tank mates.

    If you want to keep the turtle, you should do a lot of research, and get it its own tank.

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