55 Gallon Tank Turtle Canister for Fish Tank?

Have you used a turtle filter for your fish tank?

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I have a Zoomed Turtle Clean 50 canister filter that I know works with a long, gentle flow diffusion tube. I want to know if I can use it for my freshwater fish tank - it's good for up to 50 gallons, and I have a 55g tank. Here's a link to the Zoomed Turtle Clean 30 canister, as I couldn't find the 50 size quickly enough I plan on having plants, rocks, and driftwood cycling in the tank for a few weeks, so it will hold less than 50 actual gallons of water with all that plus aquasoil and gravel in there.
If it will work, I will figure out how to put a big sponge filter on the intake tube to further make the flow gentle and protect the fish from the suction. (If anyone has a link to a sponge filter end I can just buy quickly, I would appreciate the drop!!)


Aquarium Co Op carries pre-filter sponges in 3 sizes.

Mini Pre Filter Sponge Coarse

Medium Pre Filter Sponge

Large Pre Filter Sponge
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Thanks, I'll probably get the medium or large size! The intake tube is pretty wide

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