Tucson African Cichlids

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    I'm just putting feelers out there to see if there are any African Cichlid owners in the Tucson (and surrounding areas) who might need baby cichlids. I seem to be breeding cichlids in my already fully stocked tank and would like to get rid of the babies as they come along. I've got 4, 1" Iodotropheus sprengerae (Mbuna) right now, 1, 1.5" female Aulonocara freibergi (peacock) available for sale now and a few more unidentified fry hiding in the rocks that will be available at a later date (when I can identify them). I will not ship fish (esp. In this 100° weather), so you'll have to pick them up in Tucson.
    Iodotropheus sprengerae (Mbuna) adult parent of 1" fry.
    1.5" female Aulonocara freibergi juvenile.
    PM me if you're interested and can arrange to pick up the fish.