tubifex worms, bloodworms? Question

Discussion in 'Fish Food' started by Shine, Mar 28, 2010.

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    I've heard/read from many sources that bloodworms are great for bettas and all sorts of other fish benefit from getting them. I bought the freeze-dreid ones though and the bettas aren't interested, though the goldies will eat them. I'd love to get the frozen ones but atm there are none availible in any of the lfs, due to a issue between hikari and inspections agents.... so they aren't allowing them to be sold here. Nothing by hikari! I'm hoping that this won't be for long but..... who knows. It could be a long while before they sort out their issues.

    There are still some packs of tubifex worms in the stores though (apparently not as popular) ... are they worth getting in the absense of bloodworms? :;dk
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    Hi Shine!

    Your babies must be spoiled?;)

    My VT's Wango and Tango eat anything I give em...flake,bloodworms(froz or dried, though I have read that they are hi in fat), black, earth, white(mosq. larvae), tubeflex, spirulina, mashed pea, smashed deshelled snail, house spiders(especially if they're on the surface walking), and even some ants. I usually skip one day per week too.

    My experience,
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    i started to feed my gouramis and arowana with live bloodworms. i think they enjoy freeze dried more, not sure why.