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Discussion in 'Freshwater Beginners' started by hooedc, Mar 15, 2010.

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    Well dont know what happen to my first post but here I go again. IDk much about TSS and so I am going to ask yall. Friend of mine put TSS in his tank and it will be a week tomorrow and he said his tank acts like its on crack with water levels all over the board. So he was wondering when he can start changing the water to maybe help his tank conditions if the TSS dont work??
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    Hi hooedc...if you read your pm, you will have an explination to where your other post went ....as far as answering your question for your friend, if the levels are not 0 for ammonia/nitrites and under 20 nitrates after 7-10 days, then they need to start daily water changes with some prime or amquel+....
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    Seven days after adding SafeStart test the water. If there are any ammonia or nitrite readings above zero wait three more days and test again. If at that point there is any elevated ammonia or nitrites then it is time to start doing daily water changes with Prime.

    It is normal to have all kinds of wacky readings with SafeStart during the first seven days. That is why it is recommended not to test the water for 7 days because the readings sometimes scare people into doing something that will cause the SafeStart to fail.
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    Water parameters will be all over the place within the 7-10 day period.

    Some things to consider:

    - Make sure the bottle isn't expired.

    - Too many fish should not be introduced while TSS is trying to establish itself. While an ammonia source is necessary ... you don't want to overwhelm the bacteria.

    - The bacteria can be damaged due to exteme heat or cold.

    - The right size bottle/amount must be used eg: the small bottle states it treats up to 30g.

    - Water changes and testing should be avoided during the 7-10 day period as per the directions. As should the addition of conditioners such as Prime, Amquel+, etc.

    I've had excellent success with TSS on more than one occassion. However, the above things mentioned could cause it not to work properly. If he's sure it hasn't worked in the time frame noted on the instructions ... a couple of options would be: do a large water change and add the necessary amount of TSS for his tank (or) as mentioned already, perform daily water changes with Prime or Amquel+.
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    alright thats cool, so wait about 7-10 days then after that if its not good start doing water changes... yeah he has prime cuz I gave him some so if it gets bad and dont work. ill help him out with the rest I know he hasnt done a water change since the bottle said dont do it. he was just doing the testing. Well I know he has only 3 fish in there right now so I wouldnt think he would have too many fish in his 10 gallon tank. but I might need to take 3 out of his tank and let him use my 3 cherry barbs since they are better for this. He has harlenquin rosboras.(think I spelled that right) I actually told him not to get them since the tank is new so hopefully he dont lose any. but of course 90% of ppl dont listen to wut their told the first time anytime...