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Hello all,

Quick version: Is it okay to have fish in a tank for one day, then add TSS+?

Long version: I wanted some advice. I've been looking for a honey gouramI at the suggestion of a member here for a few weeks now, and my local stores have said they rarely, if ever, stock them and aren't sure they'd be able to special order them for me. I'm out of town for the holiday weekend, and stumbled across a PetCo (not ideal, I know) with a great looking honey gourami! I obviously want to buy it!

The problem is, this would be the first fish to go in my 10 gallon quarantine tank. My plan was to use TSS+ to speed the cycle in the quarantine, but there's no water in there now so I'd need to add use prime when I get home tomorrow morning. This would mean I would need to wait another 24hrs to add the TSS+. I'd be buying the fish tomorrow morning, so I obviously don't want to leave it in the bag for the 24 hours until it's safe to add TSS+ to the tank. Would it be okay to add the fish tomorrow morning, then the TSS+ the next day?

I know that adding cycled media from my other tank could help, but it's really only been established for about a week now so I'm not sure it's a great idea / don't want to risk disrupting that tank.

Thanks very much,


Should be fine. Just remember to shake the snot out of the bottle of TSS+.

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