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I have a 26 gallon tank that's been up for 4 months. Currently the only residents are 10 glowlight tetras and 4 trilineatus corys, with plans for 8 trilineatus corys. My plan for stocking the tank was to add 3 or 4 fish every week or two from my lfs. But now my region is in lockdown and while the lfs is still opened, it's just not worth going there since they halted live fish shipping to their store, no surprise there. I looked at liveaquaria to see if I could find trilineatus corys there and sure enough, they sell them. I also changed up my stocking plan by switching from 2 or 3 honey (or sunset thicklip) gouramis to 8 male endler guppies after falling in love with them.

But the shipping price is about $30 for one delivery. I know the shipping cost is not as bad as wetspot or some other online fish stores, but it's not worth using the method for stocking the tank a couple of fish at a time. I'm thinking of getting the 4 trilineatus corys and 8 male endlers at the same time, alongside 2 or 3 nerite snails due to diatom problems. I'm thinking of buying tetra safe start+ and then using it on the tank once the shipment arrives. I know it's intended for cycling aquariums, but I think my tank's BB will be overwhelmed by the large increase of bioload. Would it be fine if I use TSS+ on an established aquarium and if so, then should I just let the tank sit for 2 weeks without any water changes like the product tells you to do. Also, is it fine if I use medication during the 2 week period? I'm probably only gonna use Prazi to eliminate flukes, since every fish that I've gotten so far has had flukes the first 2 or 3 days, but that could just be my lfs not knowing how to take care of fish. I'm sorry if these sound like stupid questions, I just want to make sure I'm doing the right thing.


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At the speed that bacteria replicate in an established tank i see no need to add a supplement.

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