TSS + Aquasafe = ...??

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  1. jetajockey

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    i've read the threads about TSS, was just wondering if anyone knew as to whether treating tap water with aquasafe was OK to do or not?
    based on the q&a response it seems like the only issue is with ammonia locking chemicals, but the response also mentioned chloramine removers, which Aquasafe does, so what gives? anyone know?

    I'm dosing 2 identical 10g tanks so i may try something different with each one just to see. with both im going to do a 80-90% water change prior to adding TSS, with one i'll wait 24 hours after treating with aquasafe and with the other i'll apply TSS immediately after treating with aquasafe, something like this perhaps. ?
  2. ryanr

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    Rather than aquasafe, I would use Seachem Prime.

    Prime will detoxify the ammonia for 24hrs at a time, but still makes it available to the beneficial bacteria.

  3. OP

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    doh, just found this recent thread, thanks guys!

    after looking around on tetra's site , i found this

    if you click the 'startup' icon it says

    Condition water with Aquasafe
    Add entire bottle of SafeStart
    Add fish.

    So I guess it's okay to do, hopefully that response about the chloramine detox from their customer service was just a mistake on their part.
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  4. Jrobber

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    I use Aquasafe and had used Tetra SafeStart. Both made by Tetra, so they are compatible.
  5. Lucy

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    According to Tetra, detoxers (such as Prime) will adversely affect TSS.

    Tetra's statment about not using a conditioner that removes chloramines bothers me also.
    A follow up e-mail might be in order to clarify.

    If I were to use TSS, I'd use the water conditioner they recommend (of course it's theirs lol).
    Better safe than sorry though.
  6. Shawnie

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    we are always going to get a different answer IMO depending on who you talk too :) LOL
    I just made another call to them, 1-800-423-6458, which anyone can do, and they recommend ANY water conditioner (of course theirs is best according to them) that detox's chlorine/mines, but NOT any conditioner that detox's ammonia...(prime CANNOT be used) and they once again, recommend condition, then wait 12-24 hours and add fish/tss at the same time....those have been my answers from them every time I email or call them :)
  7. Prince Powder

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    Good deal! I'm sorry that I couldn't get you an answer sooner. Tetra still hasn't replied to my email. I think next time there are questions I'll just call them instead.

    Shawnie, do you think you could edit the Q&A with Tetra to add in this info? I just linked this thread to another member who asked the same question.
  8. Craig-D

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    In my opinion, you can't rely on Tetra to tell you how other companies' products will interact with their own. Unless they have tested them all, they have no idea. The better move is to ask the company that makes the other product you want to use. I use Kordon's Amquel+ and NovAqua+ as my water conditioners. I contacted them when I used TSS and they said their products will not interfere with TSS or similar products because they do not interfere with beneficial bacteria in any way. So I used Amquel/NovAqua at the same time as TSS and my tank indeed cycled in 4 days. The result may vary with other products, but I can vouch for these ones. I don't think anything asnwers a question better than direct experience.
  9. Shawnie

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    tetra HAS told me that using other products with TSS is fine, as long as they ARE NOT ammonia detoxifiers.....and of course they would say they wont interfere with TSS as they want you to continue to use them irregardless ;)

    were your tanks brand new startups with fish and such? did they have just the TSS as the bacteria or did you use something established?

    theres always many circumstances for each tank but for newly set up tanks, I wouldnt recommend any ammonia locking conditioners as it would just be a waste of money on TSS IMO
  10. OP

    jetajockeyFishlore VIPMember

    Got an email response from Tetra in regard to this question.

    US Aquatics Consumer Support to me

    No, it would not be safe. You would want wait at least 24 hours after
    the AquaSafe to add Safestart.

    Thank you for choosing United Pet Group.


    United Pet Group

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    A Contact Us email has been sent from the Tetra Site. Here is the

    Email: ********@gmail.com


    quick question, I'm planning to use tetra safestart today and before I
    do, I'm going to change the water out in my tank. In doing so I need to
    treat the water, is it okay to use AquaSafe on the fresh water and then
    add the SafeStart immediately afterwards?
  11. flyin-lowe

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    I think this boat rocks both ways. I would not expect the amquel people to tell me anything but how safe their product is. I can't imagine them telling anyone not to use it.
    The common denominator that I think is important seems to be waiting 24 hours. It looks to me you can use what ever you want as long as you give it 24 hours.