TSS and Prime

  1. QQQUUUUAADDD Well Known Member Member

    Hey guys. On Saturday I set up my 5 gal betta tank. The next day I added a whole bottle of TSS. The water level was low throughout the week so I decided to top it off on Thursday. I used Prime as my conditioner. Oops!

    Will the Prime effect the TSS on the 6th day of TSS cycling? I accidentaly put Prime in on Thursday.
  2. catsma_97504 Fishlore Legend Member

    Most likely the addition of Prime affected TSS. Keep a very close eye on your fish for any changes in behavior or signs of stress.

    6 days is too soon to be testing, but on day 10, I would test. If the parameters are off, I would begin daily water changes. Odds are TSS will have accelerated your cycle, but the use of Prime probably would cause it to not be able to complete.

    Good luck!

  3. QQQUUUUAADDD Well Known Member Member

    Ok thanks Catsma! When I begin the daily water changes, I use Prime right?
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    Thanks Lucy.