TSS and prime at the same time

I am such an idiot, apparently. I have a 3.5 gallon I removed mr fish back into myFunFishtank as a temporary holding tank while I redid the tank to have a planted tank. I removed all the contents of the aquarium then used the fluval substrate (for shrimp and plants $25 bag from petco) with a gravel cap and planted a sword plant. I then added TSS+ AND Prime like a few drops not capfuls. I waited maybe two hours until the water was super clear again after planting the substrate to add mr fish back into the tank
My question is what did I do by using prime and TSS+? Did i cancel something out, by using prime? did it even do anything when I put that whole bottle of TSS in the tank? Did i mention I use RO/DI water? I test the water every 24hrs and the pH is 6.4, everything else is 0 ppm, and my betta tank stays at 79°f
Frank the Fish guy
No harm. Don't worry about it. Enjoy your little tank and watch it come to life.

I don't think you need either of those products and that they did nothing for you. But no harm. Lots of useless stuff in the aquarium trade.

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