Trying to sexing new Mollies

Recently have picked up some new Mollies from my local pet shop..

Can definitely tell one is a male one is a female although there is one that seems to be playing tricks on me. At times looks like a clear cut female and at others a male.

Trying to keep a happy environment with male to female ratio unfortunately at times the silver/white colouring makes the analfin a little translucent. Anal find it’s definitely very different to the other 100% males in the tanks but does quite look the same as the other female
Any help would be much appreciated!
that is a female
Females have a fan, so it'll look like 3 triangular shaped fins under the belly. Males have the gonopodium which is a rod shaped appendage, they can move it forward to mate with the females. The males will nip, chase, harass, and mate with the females constantly! So if you have both genders you will know very soon by the behavior! Haha. I have a molly only tank I've been keeping for over a year now & I keep removing the males because they are just too aggressive with females.
I've got the idea that this is a male that starts developing a gonopodium. Look at the shape of the first finrays. They already start to thicken. This is definitely not a female. It's a late male.
I agree with emeraldking that is definitely a male! You can see how its starting to point at the end, and HE is forming!

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