Trying to find the right hood!

Discussion in 'Lighting' started by Jobofett808, Jul 15, 2015.

  1. Jobofett808Valued MemberMember

    I bought the tank off craigslist and was listed as a 55gallon but I don't think it is.. Here's the dimensions

    48" x 13" x 17"

    Measured for glass only didn't include the braces that hold the tank together. What size tank do I have? So I can find the right hood.

    Any help would be much appreciated

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  2. pritamValued MemberMember

    the fishlore calculator says its a 46g can try it by yourself also.
    and as a suggestion i can tell you that if you cant find any suitable hood for your tank recently....then you can make a DIY temporary hood with Styrofoam. i have used it for one of my tank.
  3. GvilleguyValued MemberMember

    If your tank is a "standard" size, I recommend the Versa Top line of glass lids for tanks. I have two of them, one on my 40g and one on my 10g. Build quality is good. They have them on Amazon.
  4. Jobofett808Valued MemberMember

    It has a brace in the middle.. I measured the two sides at 22" inside the lip. I can't seem to find a glass lid that fits it.

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  5. Jobofett808Valued MemberMember

    Ended up doing a diy lid using plastic roofing. Also made a diy led lighting for my tank using vinyl gutters and end caps.

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  6. Et tuValued MemberMember

    Hey, you may have found out already, but your tank sounds like a 40 long, 48"x 12" x 16"
    Vinyl gutters do work well for diy with CFL 6500k bulbs.
  7. GvilleguyValued MemberMember

    Pictures, please! People love to see DIY efforts.

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