Trying To Bring Out The Red In My Serpae Tetras

  1. T'sTropicalTanks

    T'sTropicalTanks Valued Member Member

    Anybody got any reviews on New Life Spectrum UltraRed? I may get some for coloring up my serpae tetras. Any other suggestions for foods or tips to color them up?
  2. BeanFish

    BeanFish Well Known Member Member

    Probably cheaper to do your own high quality fish food and add astaxanthin, the carotenoid, to help bring the red out. This carotenoid can be bought in powder or is usually found in animals that feed of it like krill. Appart from food you also need to give them the best environment possible, stressed fish wont show good coloration.
  3. Heavybreakfast

    Heavybreakfast New Member Member

    LOTS of plants, good water quality, and moderate water flow will work wonders with serpaes tbh you don't even need "color boosting" food. It will also help if you have a group of 6+ as the alphas of the shoal will get an even deeper red than usual when territorial.
  4. Fahn

    Fahn Fishlore VIP Member

    Dark substrate and high quality foods.