Trying To Breed Betta Fish But I'm A Bit Of A Noob

Discussion in 'Betta Breeding' started by Fishrfriends101, Apr 13, 2017.

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    Hi! I want to breed betta fish (not for profit or anything just for fun) and I have recently purchased this male to pair up with my female, all is going well and I put the female in a breeding box in the male's tank for a little bit of time each day, today she was in there quite a few hours! There has been quite a bit of flaring on the male's part and after an hour or two the female began developing vertical stripes (which I read is her saying she's ready to breed?). Anyway my issue here is that the male hasn't made a bubble nest!What's the next step I should take?? Thank you very much!
    Below are pictures of the pair...
  2. GlamCrabWell Known MemberMember

    I might be wrong but the 'female' looks like some type of wild betta.. I dont see an eggspot either (the female is supposed to be the pale one. Right?)

    1. They might not be the same species (never saw any betta splendens even female with so little colors)
    2. They might both be males...

    But im no betta expert ^^;
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    1. Horizontal lines mean ready to breed, vertical bars are a sign of stress

    2. She looks too young to breed.. (she might be a plakat though)

    3. Some males take longer to build a bubble nest. My current breeder didn't build his nest until the female was out inside his tank.
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    Thank you for the reply! I'm 99% sure she is a female and possibly she could be a different speciesbut some of her siblings were like white with red fins and stuff so I think they are splendins but I really don't know

    Really? I thought it was verticals that mean they were ready to breed! I think it's just her markings because I know that horizontal ones can mea they're stressed however lots of her female siblings looked like her and she's looked exactly the same for months however some of her siblings are coloured with no stripes!? So confusing! Ok thanks that reassuring about the male but how do I know when he's ready?
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    Alright xD
    Its just i bought what i thought was a baby betta splendens with wild color. But he turned out to be a completly different specie of betta xD (and possibly a female) from my research some look like your female. But maybe she is just a pale female
  7. FlowingfinsFishlore VIPMember

    Just because a fish has horizontal stripes does not mean it's automatically a wild type. The fish in question here is a splendens, aka a pet store betta.
    It's extremely common for young bettas to have these stripes, and they usually outgrow them as they age.
    How old are these fish? Are they from breeders?

    The female looks like a VT, and I definitely wouldn't cross a VTxHMPK.
  8. KaderTheAntWell Known MemberMember

    Just in case you were wondering why Fins doesn't recommend breeding VTxHMPK is because 1. Breeding two different tail types is usually unwanted (i personally don't mind mixed tails) and 2. Veiltail is the most dominant tail type, meaning if you breed anything with it, they'll all be Veiltail no matter what.
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    Okay thanks, yeah she is quite pale in this picture but she normally has blue streaks on her fins [​IMG]

    Okay thank you, ummm I'm not sure of the age because they are from my pet shop but they aren't like 'warehouse' kind of fish from a big chain, the store breeds them themselves what do you mean by VT and so you don't think I can cross them?I'm not looking for like spectacular colours or anything I just want healthy fry no matter what colour or fin variation

    Oh ok thanks! I was a bit confusedYeah I don't really mind the tail type
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    I understand that but most people who are buying the baby bettas will want good/interesting colours and/or fins so you might have an easier time selling them if you breed bettas with good colours and fins.:) Health should always be the most important thing though.
  11. NavigatorBlackFishlore VIPMember

    In the short term - no bubble nest, no breeding. You may have to wait a bit, condition the fish and give them time to grow.
  12. Fishrfriends101New MemberMember

    Hmmm very true

    Ok, I read that after a certain age they won't breed though??
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    Yay!!!! Success he's began building two teeny tiny bubble nests!!!![​IMG][​IMG]