Trying to add Peat Moss

  1. FishTankPerson

    FishTankPerson Valued Member Member

    Hey guys I was trying to make the water hardness turn to soft, and the Ph drop. I put it into the mesh bag, and into the filter everything worked as planned, but I forgot to put some healthy soil under my plants. I tried to put the moss, under the plants, but all of the peat wen't everywhere :eek:. I managed to get most of it to sink next to my plant, and the rest is filtering out now. Any ideas, on how to get the rest under the other plants?Figured It Out
  2. Coradee

    Coradee Moderator Moderator Member

    Bumping this up for you
  3. e

    evoss87 Valued Member Member

    Other than draining the tank? No idea

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