Trying out a sponge filter for the first time...

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    Well all, after years of seeing DIY sponge filter threads on here I jumped into the game today. I have a 10G planted tank that currently houses 1 male betta, Widget, and four ghost shrimp (I lost one of my original five this week). I've had a hard time settling on a HOB filter that I like and isn't too strong for Widget. Recently his fins tore and I don't know if they got sucked into the intake or if the current is just too strong - but I haven't lost my cycle. So in an effort to improve water flow and the breaking of the surface (I get algae streaks on the surface where the water doesn't move) I decided to make a DIY sponge filter while perusing Petsmart.

    I ended up purchasing a Top Fin 10G air pump, some air line tubing, an air stone, a plastic tube made for undergravel filters, and a small Fluval sponge for one of their filter sets. I inserted the air stone into the sponge, with the air line tubing already attached, and ran the tubing through the plastic tube. I put three pebbles inside the plastic tubing to help weight down the sponge filter. So far, it seems to be working out well.

    However, I noticed that with the sponge filter running AND the filter running Widget was getting pushed all over the place. I made the decision to turn off the HOB filter and see how well this sponge filter circulates the water. I put all of my filter media from the HOB filter inside the tank, resting at the back. How long should I keep this in there until the sponge filter colonizes? Anyone have a similar experience?

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    I did the very same thing in my 20h. Left the media in the tank for 5-6 weeks. Long enough for the SF to colonize and then some. Had zero problems with it.