Trying New Things In A 16 Gallon.

Discussion in 'Saltwater Aquarium Builds' started by Chris Van Tassel, Jun 24, 2018.

  1. Chris Van Tassel

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    Hey all I’m trying out some new things trying to find out anyway or idea to help improve my 16 gallon currently I have six coral frag’s live rock in light of sand salt water to clown fish into fire fish in the tank any advice or ideas would be greatly appreciated thanks for everything and tank on

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  2. stella1979

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    Hi! Those are some lovely fish you have there.:) No fighting among the fish? I'm sorry to come right out with that, I just wonder about housing multiple firefish, as it's not usually recommended. I have seen pairs before though, and a healthy group of 9 in a large tank. I have one, but they look so great in multiples.:happy:

    So, 4 fish in a 16g is a little heavy on the bioload. Try to keep those nitrates under 10 for your corals. ;) What kind of frags do you have? We love frags around here. :D

    Is this your first reef tank? :D They are so much fun!

    As far as improving your tank, I'd suggest adding some height to your rockscape. It would offer better placement for your corals if you could have more varying heights available for the different species since they all have their own flow and lighting requirements. Adding more rocks will also mean more room for beneficial bacteria to populate and a stronger cycle. :) Live rock is expensive, I know. You could always add dry rock, which is white so will not match at first of course, but will over time as the rock matures in your tank.

    I should mention, adding rock can cause an ammonia, nitrate and/or phosphate rise in the tank, and this is why some folks choose to cure dry rock before adding it to a tank. There are also manmade options that can be pricey but don't need curing.

    I'm not terribly experienced, but my little reef tank is a bit over a year old and has a firefish and lots of growing happy coral in it.:D If you have any specific questions, go ahead and ask and I'll do my best to help.

    Congratulations on the new reef tank! :D:D:D
  3. OP
    Chris Van Tassel

    Chris Van TasselNew MemberMember

    Adding more rock sounds amazing I have been thinking about it. The fish are doing really well together not fighting and both the coral and the fire fish get along with one another very well n fact both fire fish sleep in the same little hole everyday which is fun to see. I have an internal filter and a protein skim going with a ton of extra media in it. To keep the water the cleanest I can I’m a little ocd about it lol.
    But yes this is my first reef and I want to make this little nano reef the best I can before I move to more tanks
  4. stella1979

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    Well, the other fun thing about working with dry rock is... it's dry! You don't have to keep it wet, so if you're down for it, you could take your time and make cool rock formations. :D You know these gravity defying arches and ledges you sometimes see in reef tanks? That's usually done outside of the tank using reef epoxy or even drilling into the rock so acrylic rods and be hidden inside for stability between one rock and the next. It's tough doing that kind of with live rock that must be kept wet and needs good flow for oxygenation or the beneficial bacteria start to die off.

    There are a few good rock scapes on this thread, and you can see more than one right here on the first page.
    Nart's Im25 Lagoon Build - Round 2!!!

    If you're in for it, go through that thread as there is a lot of good info there, but if you want to skip straight to the best rock scape, check out page 16 and scroll through viewing pics to see how corals were added, grew and became a truly beautiful reef tank.
    Nart's Im25 Lagoon Build - Round 2!!!

    Silly Nart... tore it all down and turned this into a frag tank, in other words, a tank with racks to hold corals on plugs, but he did it all in favor of a bigger tank with a ton of fish and lovely anemones. :D Anyhow, @Nart helped me a ton in the beginning and also wrote an amazing guide on starting your first nano reef tank on a budget. I'd highly suggest you give this a good read. ;)
    Nart's Budget Nano Saltwater Guide For Beginners

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