Trout - one eye falling out and death

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    trout-disease.jpg trout-disease2.jpg

    I hope someone helps me about this issue, because in the country I live it's difficult , not to say impossible to find a good
    specialist. My father has almost 5 years rising trout in 6 tanks and it is the first time this disease shows up and it is becoming very critical. Every day are dying lots of fishes.
    The symptoms are:
    1. One eye ( as the picture shows) falls out
    2. The trout dies
    3. In the body's interior there is a strange color ( almost yellow)

    I have searched for the problem and it could be pop-eye disease or Trout tuberculosis.
    I have found a liquid drug called DOXATRIM , that is used for other species, but the seller told me that it was used
    successfully also in fish tanks. It was some kind of antibiotic. My father has used it from 3 days and the death rate is
    still high. It is probably a problem of water quality and hight level of nitrite, but he have never used filters or other
    things to get water quality better , he only have cleaned tanks with lime ( i don't know how frequently ).

    Should he use erythromycin? If yes, how? Erythromycin it is sold for humans in tablet form. What if we subdues them and mix with food? What dosage?
    What if it is a case of tuberculosis?

    Thanks in advance!
  2. Micaela13 Well Known Member Member

    Wow that is really weird. Hopefully someone on here can help you!!! Because I am puzzled lol

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